Daniel Jacobs
I hope you're not afraid of the dark
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Daniel Jacobs 

"I hope you aren’t afraid of the dark"

Birthname:Daniel Thomas Alexander Jacobs

Goes by: Daniel, Danny[poppy],Danielle[Zephyr],Danny Boy[Alec],Witchfire [Mary-Lynette]

Birthday: 1st of June 1992


Eye colour:Blue 

Hair Colour:Black 


Weight:125 Ibs 

Species: Witch

Affnity:Black Magic and Fire 

Soulmate:Larisa Jackson

Relationship:In a relationship with Mary-Lynette Carter

Residence:An apartment in the middle of Briar Creek

Weapons: Black Magic

Assets:I pod,Mobile,Laptop,a jack russel terrier named Chaser and a motorcycle.

Theme Song:Bring me to life by Evanescence

Family: Alec Jacobs[older brother,alive], Zephyr Jacobs[younger identical twin brother,alive], Lucy Jacobs nee Skym[Mother,dead] ,Thomas Jacobs[Father,Dead],Alexander Jacobs[grandfather,dead],Elania Jacobs[Grandmother,alive] Klaire Skym[grandmother,dead], Nigel Skym[Grandfather,dead]


Daniel likes to creep people out because he finds it fun and has nothing better to do. His mind isn’t exactly what you would call ‘normal’ unless your idea of normal is thinking of ways to harm people. He may seem like just a loner to you but don’t let that fool you. He may come off as quiet and shy but in actuality he is cruel. Daniel doesn’t care about much or regret anything which makes him strong. He has a short temper which means he gets pissed off easily. When angered he gets fierce which often gets people angry too and makes people hate him more. Sometimes the hate gets to him and he suffers in silence even though some people try to help him. This side of him he will only show to people he is close with which is very rare.

Hobbies:Reading,drawing,writing,chasing people,walking around,listening to songs.


Daniel Jacobs is a witch and a powerful one as well. He was born that way. Daniel is antisocial and doesn’t really like people or interacting with them in general. At times, when he does interact he likes to taunt people and see the misfortune in others. His parents were killed when he was 11, but he claims not to care because he didn’t like them anyway. Daniel doesn’t want any friends so he pushes people away but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want people to try. He isn’t part of a circle and isn’t sure what Circle he would join if he chose to. He is new to town so he doesn’t know many people but he had met Ambrosine and Thierry once when he was a child. He has an equal disdain for all other species especially humans and werewolves. Daniel’s soulmate is Larisa Jackson,one of the people he hates the most and he wants to kill her ,he doesn’t think that soulmates exist even though he was told countless times that they do. People that knew Daniel when his parents were killed think that he killed them; he even convinces himself sometimes that he did. Daniel likes to use black magic and doesn’t play by the rules.